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Wood Working Facilities

This section is providing common facility services to the MSME Industry engaged in production of wood based sports goods and development work along with training facilities.

  • Job Work Facilities.
  • Short Term Training Programmes for Wood Work.
  • Wood Training Programmes for Up gradation of existing manpower in Sports Industries.

Major Machinery Available

  • Band Saw Machine
  • Thicknesser and Surface Plainer
  • Cricket Bat Pressing Machine
  • Copping Lathe Machine
  • Circular Saw
  • Solar Based Wood Seasoning Plant

1) Band Saw Machine: A Band saw can be used to cut curves, even in thick lumber, such as in creating cabriole legs, to rip lumber and to crosscut short pieces. A band saw also makes the smoothest cuts and, with the appropriate blade, can be used to cut materials other than wood, including metal.

2) Thicknesser and Surface Plainer: A thickness plainer is a woodworking machine to trim boards to a consistent thickness throughout their length and flat on both surface.

3) Cricket Bat Pressing Machine: A pressing machine is a machine tool that changes the shape of a work piece by the application of pressure.

4) Copying Latte Machine: The Lathe is a machine tool which holds the work piece between two rigid and strong supports called centers or in a chuck or face plate which revolves.

5) Circular Saw: Circular sawing machines are used for sawing straight-line, cross and angular cuts in solid wood and sheet material.

6) Solar Based Wood Seasoning Plant: The controlled air circulation over the surfaces of timber stacked inside ensures highly precise and efficient seasoning. Unseasoned timber is not properly dried & treated which results into development of defects like cracking, warping, splitting or decay and insect attack in the products.