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PPDC, Meerut an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001: 2015 organization offers sourcing and inspection services for International and Indian corporate buyres and other different Government agencies. It offers a range of quality-oriented solutions to major business sectors like leather and leather products, footwear, sports goods, handy crafts, hand tools, garments and various other products..

Following other services offered are:

  • During production check (DUPRO)
  • Final Random Inspection (FRI)
  • Factory Quality Assessment
  • Factory Audit
  • Product testing
  • Sourcing assistance

During Production Check (Dupro)

(Confirm product compliance during production)

This is visual inspection of products as available during production. Dupro is offered in combination with final random Inspection and other on-line production checks such as initial production check and pre production check. As part of these multi stages inspection the progress of the client’s order is closely monitored and also about the production progress related to delivery terms. Monitoring done in Dupro requires physical presence to reduce the risk of sub standard quality and to ensure that contractual obligations are totally met. This also enables the possible shortcomings, which will lead to initiate timely corrective action

Final Random inspection (FRI)

(Check and ship)

This is a detailed visual inspection of goods before shipment. It is generally conducted in the premises of the manufacturer, on samples selected according to refined sampling procedures. It covers the quality, quantity, marking and packing as per the client’s specification and as the reference sample provided. On the completion of FRI a detailed inspection report is sent to the client and inspection certificate is issued to the supplier, if all findings are up to the mark. As it is an era of global trade, sourcing from far away countries and new supplier increase. Under these conditions monitoring the production process requires on the spot presence to reduce the risk of substandard quality, discrepancies, shipment delays and contravention against purchase order requirements.

Factory Quality Assessment

(Pre-requisite for successful sourcing)

Selecting the right vendor is one of the most important conditions of sourcing. MSME-TDC factory quality Assessment helps to verify the capability of the manufacturer to meet contract conditions for quantity, quality and delivery terms. Such assessments can be tailor made as per the client’s needs and requirements.

Product testing

Testing of the finished products, materials or components allow verifying specification, which cannot be inspected visually. Product testing is conducted based on defined standards, regulations and client’s performance and requirements. Usually, few testing samples are either submitted by the supplier or drawn during inspection visits and can consequently be considered representative for an entire consignment.

Sourcing assistance

To help the buyers in finding vendors who can deliver the product as per the requirement of the buyers with respect to quality and scheduled delivery time frame.