The basic objective of the Centre is to uplift indigenous Sports Goods Industry by making available Adequate and Appropriate Technology, Trained Manpower for improving the quality of products and diversification of items as also to provide modern Research & Development facilities for quality up gradation, manufacturing processes & new improved designs in the field of Sports Goods and Leisure Time Equipment to augment the export of Sports Goods from India.

  • To develop new technologies and upgrade the existing level of Technology of Sports Goods and Leisure Time Equipment.
  • To develop new Products/Designs of Sports Goods and Leisure Time Equipment.
  • To identify export-worthy Sports Goods Products and Leisure Time Equipment, Develop and Establish Technologies for their manufacture.
  • To improve the quality of these products through Quality Control and Standardization to meet the National and International Standards and also make this industry competitive.
  • To impart training to Craftsmen and Supervisors from the Industry in the field of manufacture and development of Sports Goods.
  • To collect, collate and disseminate technical information and knowhow to the user industry by providing Documentation Services and coordinate with Research and Development Institutions.
  • To render technical support services through the Common Facility Workshops & Laboratory in the above areas.
  • To conduct Market Research and identify products for Domestic and Export Markets.