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4 Days EDP Program On Agriculture Business Ensures Growing Agribusiness

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Why learn Comprehensive Agribusiness Training?

Agribusinesses are being challenged to meet the globally increasing demand for food, fuel, and fiber, while balancing economic and environmental realities. Agribusiness is evolving from a local and regional model to a global structure, making this sector of increasing interest to corporations, public agencies, and society at large. New technologies are helping agribusiness increase efficiency and cut costs.

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Who Should Attend

Existing Farmers, Newly gradutated Farming Scholars, and anybody who want to start Organic Farming



Grow income of farmers, Hydroponic farming, Zero dept farming, Dairy farming, Fragrance & Flavour Farming, Organic Farming


MSME Support

6 Month Hand Holding Support, Government Certificate Awarded, Government schemes and how to apply for subsidy. Udhyog Aadhar Registration

Training Agenda

1st Day

Program Overview

  • Characteristics of An Entrepreneur


Organic Farming

  • How to approach Organic Farming practically?
  • The infrastructure required for following Organic Farming practice.
  • Cost Involved in various equipment for Organic Farming activities.
  • How to implement a small to medium size Organic Farm.
  • Emerging Allied activities & revenue generation at Organic Farm.


Horticulture – Vegetable Farms, Fruit Orchards:

  • Vegetable Farms & Fruit Orchards’ planning
  • The infrastructure required to start a Horticulture farm
  • Cost Involved in various equipment for Vegetable Farms, Orchards.
  • How to implement a Vegetable Farm & Fruit Orchard.
  • Challenges in Horticulture & their remedies.


Dairy Farming & Processed Milk products:

  • Cow & Cow Sheds
  • Establishing a Dairy Plant
  • Sales Strategy in Milk Business.
  • Tie-up with Govt. Institutions for value-added Milk Products.

2nd Day

Essential Oils’ Business:-

  • Essential Oils product planning
  • The infrastructure required to implement an Essential Oil’s unit
  • Cost Involved in various equipment for the Essential Oils’ Unit.
  • How to implement an Essential Oils’ Business
  • Challenges in Essential Oil Business & their remedies.


Medicinal Plantations & Allied Business:

  • Medicinal Plantations planning in the Farm
  • The infrastructure required to implement a Medicinal Farm
  • Cost Involved in various equipment for the Medicinal Plantation farm.
  • How to implement a Medicinal Plantations’ Business
  • Challenges in Medicinal Plantations’ & their remedies.


Nursery Business – Seed Inputs, Saplings & Fertilizers:-

  • Constituents of Nursery Business – Seeds, Saplings, Fertilizers et al.
  • The infrastructure required to implement a Nursery Business
  • Cost Involved in various equipment for the Nursery Business.
  • How to implement a successful Nursery Business
  • Challenges in Nursery Business& their remedies.

Mushroom Farming

  • Mushroom Farming – A very healthy Agri-produce
  • Infrastructure required to implement a Mushroom Farm Business
  • Cost Involved in various equipment for Mushroom Farming.
  • How to implement a successful Mushroom Farm.
  • Challenges in Mushroom Farming& their remedies.

3rd Day

Protected Cultivation – Greenhouse Farming

  • What is Greenhouse Farming
  • Infrastructure required to implement a Polyhouse Farming unit.
  • Cost Involved in various equipment for Polyhouse Farming.
  • How to implement a Protected Cultivation Business
  • Challenges in Protected Cultivation Business & their remedies.


Food Processing

  • Why the need to Food Process? Is it Profitable?
  • Infrastructure required to implement a Food Processing Unit
  • Cost Involved in various equipment for a Food Processing Unit.
  • How to implement a Food Processing Business
  • Challenges in Food Processing Business & their remedies.


Soil-less Farming :- Aquaponics & Hydroponics

  • How to approach Hydroponics& Aquaponics?
  • Infrastructure required to start Hydroponics& Aquaponics
  • Cost Involved in various equipment for Hydroponics& Aquaponics.
  • How to implement Hydroponics& Aquaponics?
  • Challenges and Benefits of Hydroponics& Aquaponics.


Learning from Real-Life Agri-Entrepreneurs

  • How did they start in Agriculture Business?
  • What were the initial challenges that they faced?
  • How did they achieve success?
  • Learnings for new Entrepreneurs in Agriculture

4th Day

Agriculture Marketing & Exports

  • How to generate demand for your Agriculture Products?
  • How to tap New Buyers?
  • Role of Digital Marketing in an Agriculture Marketing success.
  • Planning an Export-oriented Agriculture Business
  • Challenges in Agriculture Marketing & Exports & their remedies.


Cold Storage Business Opportunities

  • How to approach the Cold Storage Business?
  • Infrastructure required to start a Cold Storage Business
  • Cost Involved in various equipment for Cold Storage Business.
  • How to turn a Cold Storage Business successful?
  • Challenges involved in a Cold Storage Business & their remedies


Bee-keeping & Honey Business

  • How to approach the Honey Business?
  • Infrastructure required to start a Honey Business
  • Cost Involved in various equipment for Honey Business.
  • How to turn a Bee-keeping Business successful?
  • Challenges involved in a Bee-keeping Business & their remedies


Entrepreneurship Support Eco System

About MSME

MSME Technology Development Centre (Govt. Of India) is a premier organization of the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Govt. of India, engaged in training, consultancy, research, etc. in order to promote entrepreneurship. The major activities of the Institute are Training of Trainers, Management Development Programs, Entrepreneurship-cum-Skill Development Programs, Entrepreneurship Development Programs etc.

About Program

The Training shall be imparted through Online Platform, for which the Participants have to register via paying on the following banking details and participate in the Training program through their Laptop/Desktop/Mobile. Agriculture Business has ample avenues for growth. In India there are close to 49 Crore individuals who are working in this sector (highest compared to any other sector) and there is a tremendous scope to generate employment through Agriculture.
This sector has great potential for Technology and the complete landscape of country can change when Entrepreneurs adopt Agriculture as sector for Investment of Time, Energy and Ideas. For Indian Economy to achieve the Five Trillion Dollar Status, Agriculture has to play a Lead role. With this context, thought-process and potential this 4-Days Training Program Comprehensive Training in Agriculture Business has been designed and the Expert Agribusiness Coach shall train Agripreneurs on the methodology to follow to start and scale up faster in any of the Agriculture domains they chose to enter.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Whom is this event intended for?

Enthusiastic people who are looking forward to make their career in Agribusiness regardless of any industry they belong to.

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What are the bank account details?

Google Pay on @ 9557935249 / 9718011105 Paytm @ 9557935249

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What are the important information?

40% Advance mandatory to reserve the seat

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Can I bring my friend or team mate to the event?

We encourage you to recommend Social Media Marketing training programme to all of your friends in the industry and bring them to the event.

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Do I need to bring my own laptop?

Yes, of course, you need to bring your laptop because we hands-on training programme.

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What is the Fees? And What we will get?

Fee is Rs. 5000/- (Incl. tax) and you'll get Study materials, Hand holding support & Certificate.


User Reviews

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Very in-depth workshop on marketing in social media. A lot of useful information and helpful hints.


I honestly felt I learnt many valuable things. This course gave me the confidence and skills I needed to complete my task! Thank you!


Very informative and detailed. I like to get other's views on the best practices for social media management so I can offer my clients the best possible service.


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Event Location

 MSME Technology Development Centre, Devlok, Sports Goods Complex, Delhi Rd, Phase I, Industrial Area, Mohkam Pur, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh 250002

 +919971468766, 9718011105

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